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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Comparison of Indian and American stock markets: Updates

Dow Jones (America) and Sensex (India) Update 2012

America, the US is the largest economy having biggest Stock markets. India is an emerging economy and doing very well since last few years. Stock market in India Is catching eyes of the investors. Indian stock market has been showing extra ordinary growth for last couple of decades. However, it started attracting foreign investors only since last few years.
Dow Jones Industrial Average represents Share market in America and Mumbai Stock Exchange sensitive Index or Sensex represents Indian stock market. Comparison of both these stock markets is very interesting. It is very important for global investors, financial analysts, share brokers, researchers etc.
I have written an article comparing historical data of both the stock markets since their inception. I have provided updated information of both Dow Jones and Sensex in another article.
I have been providing comparative data for the year 2012 for both stock markets. I will periodically provide data updated.
Stock market in America performed very well between October 2010 and February 2012. Sensex (20445) was 89% higher than Dow Jones (10804) on October 1, 2010 where as it is only 38% higher on February 24, 2012.

Why updates needed?

Stock markets are dynamic. It changes frequently. Markets go up and down every moment in trading sessions. Price of an individual stock change and that effects the whole market. Value of a particular share depends on several economic, political and social factors.
Stock markets reacts very fast over economic and political news. It rises and plunges. Frequent updates are required to keep an eye on the stock markets. It is more relevant while comparing two markets from distance regions of the world.
Both India and America are big players in world economy. One is an emerging economy while other is the biggest economy in the world till date.
Updates are nothing but current data and one can keep oneself current with both the markets. I am continually updating this article with fresh and current data. I believe that this will help you in monitoring both American and Indian stock markets.

Stock market India and America update March 8, 2012

BSE Sensex (Stock market India) is at 17145.52 2012 and DJIA (Stock market America)12907.94 on March 8. Sensex, the sensitive index of Bombay stock exchange is approximately 35 % higher than the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
DJIA ( Dow Jones Industrial Average, America, the US) remained flat since my last update on February 24 (12985.95). It is plunged by 78 points during last two weeks.
Mumbai Stock Exchange Sensex (India) has shown downward trend during these days. It has come down778 points from its previous 17923.57(February 24).

Sensex vs Dow Jones: Update February 24, 2012

Stock market in India is again started showing downward trend since few days. Whereas American share market is doing well. Comparing both the stock markets we found that gap between the two markets are narrowed down during last few days.
Both Indian and American Stock markets closed on Friday, February 24, 2012 as shown below:
Dow Jones Industrial Average (America, the US) 12985.95
Mumbai Stock Exchange Sensex (India) 17923.57
These figures show that Indian stock market, Sensitive index is closed 38% higher than the Dow Jones Industrial Average (the US stock market).
Dow Jones has improved significantly in comparison to Sensex during last couple of years.

Share market India and America: Update February 15, 2012

Indian stock market has regained its shine since my last update. Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex has grown significantly during these days. However, American stock market remained almost unchanged (slight increase) over the same period.
Dow Jones and Sensex was
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 12720.48 (American stock market)
Bombay Stock Exchange, Sensex: 16739.01 at the time of last update on January 22, 2012. Sensex had a significant increase since then.
Latest situation of stock markets in India and America:
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 12780.95 (American stock market)
Bombay Stock Exchange, Sensex:18202.41 (Indian stock market)
Sensex rose more than 1450 points with in these days where as Dow Jones increased only 60 points.

Update: Stock markets, America and India, January 22, 2012

Indian stock markets have shown a continual downtrend in comparison to American stock markets last couple of months. Difference between Dow Jones Industrial Average and Bombay Stock Exchange, BSE Sensex is narrowed down. However, Indian markets started shining since few days.
Latest situation of stock markets in India and America:
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 12720.48 (American stock market)
Bombay Stock Exchange, Sensex: 16739.01

Stock markets in India and America

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